Will there be Speakers at Startup Weekend OKC?


If you look on the left side bar you will see that we have an amazing group of very talented and very successful local guys.  Normally these guys are the Speakers whenever there is an Entrepreneur/Business event in or around Oklahoma.

Since Startup Weekend is about doing & not listening we decided that instead of having them as Speakers we would have them work side by side with each team.  Help them formulate their strategies, help them look at funding sources, help them really get their mojo cranking.  This weekend is all about doing and you get their input on your business ideas.  Talk about adding value!

I think we will all be shocked at what is possible when you get 50-60 wickedly talented people together and have them crank out companies in 54 hours.

Are you going to be a part of it or just wish you had been?  Sign up today and use “swokc” as a promo code to get $20 off your ticket.