Building Away in OKC


Last night we heard 21 different pitches and we narrowed the field down to 4 teams.  Here is a brief description of each team below:


1.)  TravelDice – They are working on a service for travelers to search for flights based on price and travel dates.  A user might search for a flight departing June 1 and returning June 7 and might cap their budget at $300.  The search results would then display a list of random cities from lowest price to highest price from the airport of origin.  This would be perfect for travelers willing to take a spontaneous trip without having to specify their destination initially.  They are working on launching TravelDice, (@traveldice) creating their social community and working on hacking up some travel API’s.


2.) – The team is working on tagging conferences, speakers and attendees then matching them up.  A user could be one of three types, a conference, an attendee, or a speaker.  For example a Startup Weekend event that was listed on the site would be tagged as #entrepreneurial, #startup, #startupweekend.  A user could tag themselves with similar tags and be paired up with that event.  Potential speakers could be identified in a similar fashion and contacted via the event organizer to see if they would be willing to be the keynote. (@gokeynotes)


3.)  Take it Healthy – Goal is to create options for busy families to pick up healthy meals for their family.  They are working on tackling the problem of people making unhealthy meal choices based on time crunches.  The goal is to tap into existing infrastructure from local restaurants on their slow nights and provide them with more customers on those days seeking healthy options.

Smart & Trendy

4.)  Smart & Trendy – This idea was pitched by a French exchange student who explained how expensive tailor made clothing is in France.  The idea is to have local tailors take measurements then forward those on to tailors overseas to produce the clothing for less.  Items are then shipped back to the customer.